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Full Paper Submission

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Sep 10th 2022
Oct 15th 2022
Nov 10th 2022
Nov 15th 2022
Nov 15th 2022
Dec 04th-06th 2022
# Paper Title Authors
1 Home Appliances Using IoT and Machine Learning: The Smart Home Ashish Bagwari; Kritika Rathi; Vanshika Sharma; Swati Gupta;Geetam Tomar
2 NANO-BOTS: Designing and Manufacturing Ashish Bagwari; Kritika Rathi; Sonika Khetan; Jyotshana Kanti; Ashraf Samarah
3 Analysis of the Big Data Storage and Query Performance Using MySQL Storage Engines Topology Jamshaid Iqbal Janjua
4 Security Framework for Open Banking API Dawood Behbehani; Nikos Komninos; Khalid Albegain; Muttukrishnan Rajarajan
5 Transformations in the Ways of Improving From Agriculture 1.0 to 4.0 Amit Verma; Shruti Aggarwal
6 Wireless Sensor Network Using Millimeter Wave for Chemical Detection Lorena C Ilagan
7 K-Mean Clustering: A Case Study in Yvelines, Île-De-France Roxane Mallouhy; Christophe Guyeux; Chady Abou Jaoude; Abdallah Makhoul
8 Predicting Autism Disorder of an Imbalanced Dataset Using Neural Network Najwan Al-Farouqi; Muayad Al-Athami; Raneem Qaddoura
9 ML Based Methods XGBoost and Random Forest for Crop and Fertilizer Prediction Thara D K Murthy; PremaSudha B G Sudha; Tara Kn
10 Prediction of Downhole Pressure While Tripping Amir Mohammad; Mithushankar Panchalingam; Subankan Karunakaran; Reggie Davidrajuh
11 An IoT Based Traffic Management System Using Drone and AI Arash Farahdel; Seyed Shahim Vedaei; Khan A Wahid
12 WSN Routing Protocols: Anonymity Prospective Analysis Abdulrahman Abu Elkhail; Uthman Baroudi; Mohamed Younis
13 Shor’s Quantum Algorithm Against RSA Aminah A Albuainain; Jana Abdullah Alansari; Samiyah Alrashidi; Wasmiyah M Alqahtani; Jana Alshaya; Naya Nagy
14 Exploring Narrative Court Documents for Use in Police Academic Education Ezdihar N. Bifari; Wadee Alhalabi
15 An Improved Lightning Attachment Procedure Optimization Algorithm for Constrained Optimization Problems Yu-ling Lei; Xin-tian Jiang; Xin-xin Zhou
16 AI Regulation in Healthcare: New Paradigms for A Legally Binding Treaty Under the World Health Organization Rabaï Bouderhem
17 Comparative Semantic Resume Analysis for Improving Candidate-Career Matching Asrar Alderham; Emad Jaha
18 Identifiability of Causal-Based ML Fairness Notions Karima Makhlouf; Sami Zhioua; Catuscia Palamidessi
19 COVID-19 & Lung Disease Detection Using Deep Learning Malti Nagle; Brijesh Kumar Chaurasia; Man Mohan Shukla
20 Deep Pre-Trained Contrastive Self-Supervised Learning: A Cyberbullying Detection Approach With Augmented Datasets Lulwah Muhammad Al-Harigy; Hana Alnuaim; Naghmeh Moradpoor; Zhiyuan Tan
21 JUX – A Cloud Hosted Learning Management System Based on OpenedX Muhammad Noman Saeed; Ahmad Almufarreh; Khaled Noaman; Muhammad Arshad; Atiq Rafiq Shaikh
22 Investigating Image Augmentation for Classification of Chest X-Ray Images Wadha Almattar; Atheer Algherairy
23 Live Feed Emotion Detection During Project Meetings to Estimate Possible Success of Projects Zeenat AlKassim
24 Intrusion Classification for Cloud Computing Network: A Step Towards an Intelligent Classification System Abdulaziz Aldribi
25 Correlation-Based Clustering of Telecommunication Equipment in Smart Grid Imene Mecheter
26 Network Traffic Classifications Using Gated Recurrent Units With Weighted Cross-Entropy Ashraf Mohammed Saeed; Zaid Alyafeai; Ashraf Mahmoud
27 Time Efficient End-State Prediction Through Hybrid Trace Decomposition Using Process Mining Zeeshan Tariq; Darryl Charles; Sally I McClean; Ian McChesney; Paul Taylor
28 Assessing the Low Back Pain by Intertwining Singleton Measures of Intensity and Persistence When Using the Fuzzy Set Theory Joao P.S.M.T. Ungaro; Ernesto Araujo
29 Comparative Analysis of Microservices and Monolithic Architecture Ciro Rodriguez
30 Small Object Difficulty (SOD) Modeling for Objects Detection in Satellite Images Debojyoti Biswas; Jelena Tesic
31 Deep Learning Algorithms in Chest Images for Pneumonia Detection Ciro Rodriguez
32 Enhancing Monocular Depth Estimation via Image Pre-Processing Techniques Miswar Syed; Abdulrahman Javaid; Assad Alduais; Mohammad Hashem Shullar; Uthman Baroudi; Mustafa Alnasser
33 Web Application Security Threats and Mitigation Strategies When Using Cloud Computing as Backend Asma Yamani; Reem Aljunaid; Khawlah Bajbaa
34 The Validity of Using Technical Indicators When Forecasting Stocks Prices Using Deep Learning Models: Empirical Evidence Using Saudi Stocks Salahadin Mohammed
35 Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Models on Apache Spark: An Empirical Study Asma Yamani; Shikah J. Alsunaidi; Imane Boudellioua
36 Transmit and Receive Filter Design for MIMO-OFDM Based WiMAX Systems Rajesh K; Varaprasad G; Muralikrishnan S
37 Processing of Images Based on Machine Learning to Avoid Unauthorized Entry Ciro Rodriguez; Cesar Pena
38 Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease Using Machine Learning Approach Mohammed Gollapalli; Bashayr Saad; Jomana Alabdulkarim; Razan Marwan Sendi; Reema Alsabt; Sarah Alsharif
39 Gender Impact on Emoji Sentiment Analysis Among Arabic Users in Digital Networks Shatha Ali A Hakami; Robert Hendley; Phillip Smith
40 Parallelizing Multi-Keys RSA Encryption Algorithm Using OpenMP Reem Alzaher; Wafa Hantom; Alanoud Aldweesh
41 Design of Washable Chipless Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag for Laundry Applications Waqar Ahmad Malik; Abdul Majid
42 Ibn Omar Hash Algorithm Raed Omar Shafei
43 Comparative Study of Synchronization Techniques for Multi-Threaded Web Server Hussah Albinali; Maha Alharbi; Randah Alharbi; Malak Aljabri
44 Text Mining on Hospital Stay Durations and Management of Sickle Cell Disease Patients Mohammed Gollapalli; Latifa Alabdullatif; Farah Alsuwayeh; Moodhi Aljouali; Alhanoof Alhunief; Zaina Batook
45 A Study on Automated Cyberattacks Detection and Visualization Fahd Alhaidari; Rawan Tammas; Reem Aied Alrashedi; Nora Althani; Sara Alsaidan; Malak Alfosail; Rachid Zagrouba; Hussain Alattas
46 A Data Mining Analysis of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Tayeb Brahimi; Asra Yaqub; Joudi Bathallath; Hala Haneya; Fatmah Al Salem
47 Application of Artificial Neural Network to Estimate Students Performance in Scholastic Assessment Test Shatha Al Ghazali; Sherzod Turaev; Saad Harous
48 Accurate Estimate of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children Utilizing Several Machine Learning Techniques Narinder Kaur; Ganesh Gupta; Abdul Hafiz
49 The Possibility of Artificial Intelligence to Improve Self-Driving in Modern Cars: Scoping Review Razan Althubaiti
50 Accuracy Prediction on Detection of Breast Cancer Using Machine Learning Classifiers Aditya Pratap Singh; Shobit Agrawal
51 Comparative Analysis of Deep Fake Detection Techniques Fatimah Alanazi
52 Performance Analysis of High-Efficiency WPT for Communication Technologies Aws Zuheer Yonis; Reem Emad Nafiaa, Jr
53 The Effect of Human Blockage on the Performance of RIS Aided Sub-THz Communication System Ahmed Nor; Octavian Fratu; Simona Halunga
54 Prognosis of Children With Congenital Neural Tube Defects Post-Surgical Correction Using Fuzzy Logic Mariane S. Ferreira; Ernesto Araujo
55 Seismic Structures Classification Using Novel Features From Seismic Images Ghadah Alhabib; Jaafar Alghazo; Ghazanfar Latif; Ghassen Ben Brahim
56 Improved Performance Two-Dimensional Direction of Arrival Estimation Algorithm With Unknown Number of Noncoherent Sources Nizar Tayem; Ahmed Hussain; AbuMuhammad Moinuddeen; Redha M Radaydeh; Jaafar Alghazo
57 NoSQL Cloud Based Bigdata Technologies for Efficient Performance Evaluation in the Modern Era Sangeeta Gupta
58 New Approach in the Error Performance Analysis of SM Over Time-Variant Rayleigh Fading Channels Yazid M Khattabi; Salim A Alkhawaldeh
59 IoT-Based Red Palm Weevil Early Detection and Tracking System Razan Alzaben; Shuruq Fallatah; Haneen Haneen Quraishi; Sadiq A Alhuwaidi; Ahmed Hussain
60 Business Intelligence Architecture to Improve Decision Making Ciro Rodriguez; Cristhian Villasante Moreno; Ivan Petrlik; Pedro Lezama; Favio Guevara Puente; Yuri Pomachagua
61 Low-End Hand Held Communication Devices in a Post-Disaster Scenario Ratna R. Sarkar
62 Artificial Bee Colony DLMS Beyond Mean Square Error Boundary in Ad-Hoc WSN Ali M. Almohammedi; Azzedine Zerguine; Mohamed Deriche; Sadiq M. Sait
63 Assessment of Deep Neural Network and Gradient Boosting Machines for Credit Risk Prediction Accuracy Sapiah Sakri
64 Intelligent Glasses for Visual Impaired People Ali Motasim Aalim Mustafa; Ahmed Abdullatif Mohammed Omer; Ogba Majdy Ahmed Mohammed
65 Comparison of the Use of the DEMUCS Neural Network on Different Platforms for the Separation of Sources of Musical Origin Ciro Rodriguez
66 COVID-19 Prediction Using Machine Learning Based on the Patient’s Vital Signs: A Case for Saudi Arabia Nehad Mohammed Ibrahim
67 Machine Learning Models for Detecting DDoS Attacks in IoT Environment: A Survey Ali Mohammad Alkhamis
68 Gyms Customer Loyalty Using the Logistic Regression Algorithm Technique Ciro Rodriguez; Joaquin Moreno Muñoz; Ivan Petrlik; Miguel Ramirez Osorio; Pedro Lezama; Yuri Pomachagua
69 Fake News Detection Using Machine Learning Models Malak Aljabri; Dorieh M. Alomari; Menna Aboulnour
70 Testing and Exploiting Tools to Improve OWASP Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities Detection Noor Alhomeed; Sara Alsaqer; Malak Aljabri; Maryam Aldossary; Bushra Alhetelah; Malek Althubiany; Ohoud Alotaibi
71 An Improved Assessing Requirements Quality With ML Methods Serda Hauser; Stephan Müller-Schmeer; Sabine Radomski; Bogdan Franczyk
72 Phase Reconfigurable Hybrid Coupler Implemented Using Capacitor-Loaded Transmission Lines Zulfi Zulfi; Joko Suryana; Achmad Munir
73 Mitigating Security Threats of Bitcoin Network by Reducing Message Broadcasts During Transaction Dissemination Khaled Tarmissi; Atef Shalan; Abdullah Al Shahrani; Rayan Alsulamy; Saud S. Alotaibi; Sarah Al-Shareef
74 Quantum Image Classification on NISQ Devices Shuroog Al-Ogbi; Abdulrahman Ashour; Muhamad Felemban
75 Ensemble-Based Machine Learning Models for the Preemptive Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer Using Clinical Data Sunday Olusanya Olatunji; Alhatoon Nawaf Alanazy; Lujain Alnajrani; Meshael Almusairi; Nawal Alsheikh; Salam Alshammasi; Rim Zaghdoud; Aisha Alansari
76 Fine Tuning an AraT5 Transformer for Arabic Abstractive Summarization Yasmin Esmaail Einieh; Amal AlMansour; Amani Jamal
77 Sentiment Analysis for Algerian Dialects Tweets Lamia Ouchene; Sadik Bessou
78 AUDI: An Automated Fog Disinfecting Machine Ertie C. Abana; Aira Jane Cuntapay Bassig
79 Development of Proximity-Coupled-Fed S-Band Array Antenna for Microwave Imaging Sri Muliyani; Fauzia Anis Sekar Ningrum; Edwar Edwar; Achmad Munir
80 Design of Telkom University Logo Antenna and Its Experimental Characterization Edwar Edwar; Shafira Amkha Zahra; Luthfi Noor Syadzy Zamachsyari; Rezki Benedikto Renwarin; Muhammad Farhan Maulana; Achmad Munir
81 Sentimental Analysis of Arabic Tweets Related to COVID-19 Using AraBERT Model Areeba Umair; Elio Masciari; Muhammad Habib Ullah; Giusi Madeo
82 I-Light: An Improved Lighting System for Poultry Farms Ertie C. Abana; Ariel M Lorenzo
83 Micro Hydro Generator Turbine Ertie C. Abana; Marion James B Ladia
84 An Empirical Study on Fake News Prediction With Machine Learning Methods Manisha Aluri; Bhargav Boddupalli; Sumana Sree G; Divya Panchumarthi; Murali Krishna Enduri; Satish Anamalamudi
85 Find the Spreading Ability of the Influential Nodes Using the IC Model in Social Networks Koduru Hajarathaiah; Karthik Divvela; Yeswanth Attaluri; Nithin Chimata; Murali Krishna Enduri; Satish Anamalamudi
86 Blockchain Technology in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Agya Pathak; Sameer Shrivastava; Palempati Harsha Vardhini; Abhinay Meka; Divesh Swami; Zakir Hussain; Malaya Dutta Borah
87 Analysis of Wearable Antenna Using Metamaterial for Wideband Applications Alekhya Bandi; Madhav Boddapati; M Neelaveni Ammal M.
88 Evaluation of the Performance for IM-RED and IGRED Algorithms Using Discrete-Time Queues Jawad Hasan AlKhateeb; Hussein El-jaber; Malak El-Amir
89 The Implementation of Encryption Algorithms in MQTT Protocol for IoT Constrained Devices Yasir Iqbal; Muhammad Faisal Amjad; Fawad Khan; Haider Abbas
90 Early-Stage Malware and Ransomware Forecasting in the Short-Term Future Using Regression-Based Neural Network Technique Khalid Abdullah Albulayhi; Qasem Abu Al-Haija
91 Marathi Sign Language Hand Gesture Recognition Using Accelerometer and 3D Printed Gloves Sachin Patil; Sarang L Joshi; Hrushikesh B Kulkarni; Pradnesh Hagawane; Pradnya Shinde
92 IoTZeroJar: Towards a Honeypot Architecture for Detection of Zero-Day Attacks in IoT Mahmoud Osama Ellouh; Mustafa Ghaleb; Muhamad Felemban
93 Optimal Control by Pattern Search Optimization Method Kundan Kandhway
94 An Emerging Application of Intelligent Networks in Transportation and Industry Automation Sunil Kumar; Priya Ranjan
95 Dynamic Clustering and Data Aggregation for the Internet-Of-Underwater-Things Networks Kenechi Omeke; Michael Mollel; Syed Tariq Shah; Kamran Arshad; Lei Zhang; Qammer H Abbasi; Muhammad Ali Imran
96 Using Edge Devices and Machine Learning for Controlled Access to a Smart Campus Rajeev Ratan; Stephen Ghool; Reshawn J Ramjattan; Shiva Ramoudith; Patrick Hosein
97 Cross-Layer Optimization for Underlay Cognitive Radio Systems With Multicarrier Transmission Nour Mansour; Venkata Krishna Praneeth Vaddadi; Dirk Dahlhaus
98 A Study of Global Temperature Anomalies and Their Changing Trends Due to Global Warming Bikash Sadhukhan; Somenath Mukherjee; Raj Kumar Samanta
99 Realistic Face Masks Generation Using Generative Adversarial Networks Khaled Hasan Al Butainy; Muhamad Felemban; Hamzah Luqman
100 Artificial Intelligent Approach for Colorful Image Colorization Using a DCNN Santosh Vishwakarma; A Venugopal Rao; Shakti Kundu
101 Cyberattacks and Solutions for Future Factories Linah Khamis Aljaryan; Wasan Hussein Alfalahi; Thamer Saleh Al Khamis
102 An HAR-11 Net Model for Human Action Recognition Using Deep Learning Techniques A Venugopal Rao; Santosh Vishwakarma; Shakti Kundu
103 Twitter Spam Accounts Detection Using Machine Learning Models Shikah J. Alsunaidi; Rawan Alraddadi; Hamoud Aljamaan
104 A New Cybersecurity Assessment Framework for Private Networks Saeed Alshehri
105 An Implementation of a New Proposed Round-Robin Algorithm With Smart Time Quantum in Cloud Computing Environment Nehal Al-otaiby; Haifa Al-Shammare
106 Decentralized Rogue Node Detection in Fair Bio-Inspired Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks Truc T Duong; Anna Wisniewska; Nirnimesh Ghose
107 Vertical Wind Speed Estimation Using Generalized Additive Model (GAM) for Regression Hilal H. Nuha; Rizka Reza Pahlevi; Mohamed Mohandes; Shafiqur Rehman; Hambal Tella; Ali A. Al-Shaikhi
108 Text Classification and Categorization Through Deep Learning Sarhan M. Musa; Saiman Quazi
109 Optimization of Solar Energy Using Artificial Neural Network Controller Sarhan M. Musa; Kasim Mohammad
110 Performance and Efficiency Analysis for Lithium-Ion Battery Using State of Charge Method Sarhan M. Musa; Walter Udeze
111 A Novel IDS for Smart Home Based on Machine Learning Tahani Gazdar
112 Malicious PDF Detection Based on Machine Learning With Enhanced Feature Set Suleiman Y Yerima; Abul Bashar; Ghazanfar Latif
113 A Comparative Study of Word Embedding Techniques for SMS Spam Detection Prashob Joseph; Suleiman Y Yerima
114 UQU GIS Based Navigation System Shoaib S. Obaidi; Khaled Tarmissi; Atef Shalan; Saud S. Alotaibi
115 Cloud-Based Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerator for the KNN Classification Algorithm Awos Kanan; Amal Taha
116 Automating the Extraction and Activation of Web Service Credibility Measures – A Framework Design Atef Shalan; Walaa Abo Elenin; Khaled Tarmissi; Alexander Boyett
117 A New Intelligent System for Evaluating and Assisting Students in Laboratory Learning Management System Hadeer A. Hassan; Mohab Mohamed Eid; Mahmoud Elmesalawy; Ahmed M. Abd El-Haleem
118 AI Virtual Assistant for Online Laboratory Experiments Based on Multi-Threshold Technique and Genetic Algorithm for Analyzing the Student’s Mouse Interaction Activities Mahmoud Elmesalawy; Ahmed M. Abd El-Haleem; ALaa Hamdy
119 Optimization of Solar Energy Using Recurrent Neural Network Controller Sarhan M. Musa; Kasim Mohammad
120 An Efficient Method to Predict the Tata-Motors Stock Price Using Hybrid Machine Learning Methods Abhishek Bajpai; Anjali Singh; Abhineet Verma
121 Deep Learning System for Defect Classification of Solar Panel Cells Mohamed Mohandes; Hambal Tella; Shafiqur Rehman; Ali A. Al-Shaikhi; Bo Liu
122 Clinical Data Analysis and Multilabel Classification for Prediction of Dengue Fever by Tuning Hyperparameter Using GridsearchCV Hadimane M Veenakumari
123 Oil Spill Identification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks David M Feinauer; Ghazanfar Latif; Abeer M. Alenazy; Nizar Tayem; Jaafar Alghazo; Loay Alzubaidi
124 Robotic Welding Path Identification Using FPGA-Based Image Processing Abdulkadir Saday; Ilker Ali Ozkan
125 Deep Learning-Based Ship Detection on FPGAs Younis MY Ibrahim; Li Chen; Haonan Tian
126 Image-Based Road Pothole Detection Using Deep Learning Model Priyanka Gupta; Manish Dixit
127 An Efficient Algorithm for Plant Disease Detection Using Deep Convolutional Networks Pratibha Nayar; Shivank Chhibber; Ashwani Kumar Dubey
128 Low Cost and Scalable Haptic VR Glove Lara Bander Alotaibi; Maria Alabdulrahman; Ahmed Abul Hasanaath; Salahudean Basem Tohmeh; Nazeeruddin Mohammad
129 Colorization of Grayscale Images Using Deep Learning Abduallah M Althbaity; Mohamed M. Dessouky
130 Extract Compliance-Related Evidence Using Machine Learning Hussain Alattas; Reema Mubarak Alammari; Huda Ayad Alswaidan; Munirah Ali Almoqbel; Noof AlMahasheer; Fatema Almassary; Naya Nagy; Saad Alharthi
131 Email Security: Concept, Mathematics and Applications Abdullah Hussein Al-Ghushami; Dabeeruddin Syed; Ameema Zainab; Haya Abdelshahid; Haneen Al-Eshaq; Fatima Alsayed; Noora Al-Marri; Reem Alkuwari